Ayurvedic Hospital

Santhigiri Ayurvedamana, is an authentic Ayurveda hospital and a Yoga retreat is an ideal place for Quality and authentic Ayurveda cure, unique moments of relaxation and mediation through Yoga, Residential Training courses for Yoga, Ayurveda Therapy and Ayurveda Diet.

Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Center
An authentic Ayurveda hospital and a Yoga Retreat managed by Ayurvedamana

Santhigiri Ayurvedamana, actualizing its name, is a secure oasis of peace and tranquillity, a relaxing and exciting place to stay. This charming and scenic residential Ayurveda Hospital and Yoga retreat with its lush green and picturesque environment tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city will be the right choice for authentic Ayurveda Cure in a budgeted way. Well qualified and experienced medical and supervisory staff render efficient service to the patients. The hospital functions on all days. For more information, visit Santhigiri Ayurvedamana, Aluva.

Contact details:

t: +91 484-2839076 / +91 9846044696 / +91 8086095696 / +91 8589095696 / +91 9495260000
e: info@ayurvedamana.com